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What is a User?

User is anyone that has access to your Tidybrand Plan, whatever the nature of their role.

The number of Users you can create will depend on the Plan you choose.

You can create new Users, and set their Roles & Groups in a few clicks from the User Admin page.

If you want additional Users, you can upgrade your Plan. If you need more Users than our Enterprise Plan please contact us.

What if I don’t want people to see certain files?

Tidybrand lets you set up User Groups, which restrict access to files and Collections.

You can add Users or Files to Groups at any time. Once a User is part of a Group, they will be able to see any File that is assigned to that Group. So for example an internal “Management” group would only see “Management” files. Or a “Christmas Campaign” Group would only see files assigned to that Group.

Users can belong to multiple Groups.

Any files that are not assigned a Group are assumed to be open to any User, so will be visible to all.

Users and Files can be unassigned from a Group at any time.

If a User Group is deleted it will also be deleted from a file (the file will remain). If this file then has no Groups assigned it will be able to viewed by all Users.

What if I want to send files to people, but don’t want to set them up as a User?

No problem, simply collate the files you want them to use into the Basket – and share. You can share with one person, or multiple people.

They are then sent an email with a link from which they can download the files – either as a zip or individually.

You can set the link to expire at a precise time in the future. You can see when (and if) people have downloaded the files within your Message area, and in the Events History page..

You can also review all active share links that you have created, and cancel them if required (even if you have already set an expiry date).

What if I want to group files together?

Tidybrand lets you create Collections of files. These can be any file type, and files can appear in multiple Collections. Collections are viewable on the Collections page, where they are listed with the latest at the top.

If you want to promote a Collection to Users you simply click a button, and it will appear on the User’s Dashboard when they log in. You can promote as many Collections as you want – the User can scroll through them.

You can also assign User Groups to Collections, which will restrict access to only that User Group. If files are added that belong to a User Group that the viewer is not a member of, they will not be allowed to see that file.

How do I make sure that people can find files?

Tidybrand’s search is powerful, simple and quick - returning results as you type..

We also employ a very flexible method to make it easy to find files. On upload – and at any time – you can add Tags to a file.

Tags are added in a click, and created in a few clicks. This means that you can easily add terms which people may then search for (eg “Photos”, “Image”, “Picture”).

You can edit and administer your Tags at any time – which means the ‘tree’ of Tags can evolve as you understand how people use the platform, and you prefer to manage your files.

This is one of the big plus points over a folder based system – which is then difficult to change once set up.

Tidybrand also takes all the intrinsic data of a file (its type, format, technical data etc) and stores it for searching. So you can search for all “.jpg” files – but you don’t need to Tag it as a .jpg to achieve that.

What if I want to check what is being uploaded before it gets published?

You can use the Workflow features of Tidybrand to make sure that the right files are being uploaded, and the right Tags and descriptions applied.

One uploaded, files can be edited by an Approver, and then approved or rejected (with reasons given, eg its an old version – or there’s a spelling mistake). An email is sent to the Uploader of the file, and also a notification within Tidybrand.

What feedback can I get?

The Tidybrand Event History page can show you who did what, when - in real time.

When you log into your Admin area you are shown an overview of all files and users in the system, plus infographic visuals of the type of files, and activity.

Every time a file is uploaded, edited, deleted, downloaded or shared the systems records who carried out the action. You can easily filter by specific actions.

Enterprise Plan customers can download this data as a .csv file.

How do I pay?

After your 30 day free trial is complete, you simply choose your preferred plan and enter your credit card details.

We will then take payment - through our preferred payment partner – monthly in advance, from the date you signed up.

What if I want to cancel?

If Tidybrand isn’t working for you, no problem - we just require one months notice. You can cancel within your Account page.

We store your files for 14 days after your plan has been cancelled, in case you change your mind - so please make sure that you download all your files before then.

What about security, and back up?

Tidybrand is designed to protect all your files. We insist on minimum 8 character passwords, using a mix of letters and numbers. We also use 128bit SSL encryption for any access to Tidybrand - eg uploading and downloading files, or entering login details.

Please note that - like Dropbox - we do not take a “backup”, but synchronously store your files in multiple locations on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Managing User access is simple - with the ability to create, suspend, or delete Users in a couple of clicks.

User Roles (which determine the Tidybrand functions they can employ) and Groups (which determine which files they can access) are similarly editable within a few clicks

What if someone accidentally deletes a file?

No problem - you can recover any file if its deleted by someone - as it will be added to a Recycle Bin when deleted. An Administrator can empty the Recycle Bin at any time to release storage capacity.

Where are my files kept?

We host on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, a rock solid business partner. This features all the high quality support and functionality you would expect.

Azure offers a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement, which means you can be confident you can access your files when you want them.

What’s more, the Azure storage service (which we use to store Tidybrand data) is designed to achieve high availability and durability, with data automatically replicated in multiple data centers.

Please note that this means that - like Dropbox - we do not take a “backup”, but synchronously store your files in multiple locations.

If you would like the real detail on Microsoft’s Azure platform please see below:

Service Level Agreement

Security Overview

Data Compliance



Why would I need Tidybrand when I can get a Dropbox account?

Dropbox is great for distributing files but when you need full control it falls short. And many companies won’t allow you to install it (or other solutions like Yousendit)

The big problem with Dropbox and FTP type solutions is that they end up like corporate file servers - full of folders no-one quite remembers why they are there, or what’s in them. It’s a mess, we like things Tidy.

Also don’t forget that Dropbox auto-syncs your data - which can create bandwidth issues when out and about, and even unexpected data charges.

The key benefits of Tidybrand vs Dropbox are:

1. Detailed analytics

2. Search

3. Tags

4. Promote

5. Centralised file management

6. Workflow

7. Price

What if I use up my storage?

You can monitor storage use within your Admin area, and can empty the Recycle Bin, or delete large files that aren’t required any more.

If you want to purchase more storage you can upgrade your Plan, or just drop us a line.

Will Tidybrand work in my browser?

Tidybrand is compatible with most modern Internet browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. Full iPad compatibility is coming soon

Take a few moments to read the FAQs on this page, but if you still have questions – drop us a line using the form below.

Tidybrand can be used in a range of ways, we’re happy to talk through how it could help give you control of your brand, saving time and money.

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