“Have to say, Tidybrand is a fantastic piece of software. It's incredibly easy to use, extremely quick and is sure to become one of the most effective tools that we as a company will use in brand consistency…brilliant.”

Nick Ames

Travel Services Manager
Marketing Brand and Sales

How could you use Tidybrand?

  • You’re a marketing manager and you want to ensure that campaign assets are coordinated amongst a range of agencies

  • You are a marketing director and you want to make sure your teams are working efficiently – not wasting time chasing files on email systems, or sending the wrong versions out

  • You are in charge of a brand, and want to make sure that everyone you work with is using the latest brand assets

  • You need to distribute digital files, but can’t use solutions like Dropbox or Yousendit within your corporate firewall – and need greater visibility on reporting and usage

  • You are a design or creative services manager and you want to manage and distribute your work easily

  • You are in charge of communications and need to ensure that the right messages are sent to the right people

  • You want to make sure that your sales teams use the latest images, information and sales templates

  • You are running a company and want to give your suppliers a way of uploading and tagging the work that they do for you - saving admin time

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