5 reasons to choose Tidybrand:

1.Nice & Simple

We’ve designed Tidybrand for real people, it’s clean
and simple. Search is superfast and visual. Upload
files by dragging & dropping them in the browser. And
all your files are in one online location for when you,
your team, and your partners need them.

See Tidybrand in action

Dropbox alternative nice and simple
secure and hosted on the azure platform

2. Super-secure

Access is password protected and encrypted. Files, and
collections of files, can be restricted to specific groups.
And if you accidentally delete a file – no problem, just
restore from the Recycle Bin. Let your people approve
Files before they’re added.

We host on Microsoft's Azure cloud, which boasts 99.9%
uptime and real time multi-location data redundancy.

See Tidybrand in action

3. Clear feedback

Want to know how much storage you're using, or
an overview of activity? Our dynamic infographic
dashboard will show you. You can also read real
time analytics on any activity within Tidybrand. Like
who's logged in, who's downloaded a file, and
who’s shared what, with whom – and when.

See Tidybrand in action

In built analytics for your digital assets
Fast responsive access to your files in the cloud

4. Fast & flexible

Our simple design means its really quick to pick up.
You can create new Users quickly, with specific roles
that restrict what they can and can’t do. Bulk Tag files
for easy searching, and edit title and descriptions.
Upload new versions easily, while retaining previous
meta data and auto archiving the previous file.

See Tidybrand in action

5. You can send it

Easily share files to people who don’t have user
access to Tidybrand. Simply select the files you
want to share, enter the email addresses of the
people you want to share with and we'll then send
them a link to download (like Yousendit). This link
can be set to expire at any point in the future.

See Tidybrand in action

You send it with Tidybrand

*Full iPad compatibility coming soon

Techdept is the team behind Tidybrand

We’re a team of 15 people based in the UK, established in 2004. Our team helps business people make the most of the internet. We build custom web sites and apps for web, social and mobile.

Learn more at: www.techdept.co.uk